Monday, August 31, 2009

Gong For Hire!

Looking to start off your event with a big bang?

We have Chinese Chao Gongs on for rental.

The gongs are fixed on stands with wheels which makes it easy to move it to the centre of your stage.

The gong in the picture measures 80cm in diameter. (100cm gongs are available as well)

The stand measures 142cm tall and 116cm wide.

Perfect for opening ceremonies by guest of honour.

Please email for rates.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Videos of Chinese Percussive Instruments

We've come up with a series of videos of Chinese percussive instruments like Chinese drums, gongs, cymbals and others.

The purpose of the videos is to show how the instruments sound like and how they are played.

The videos will be posted to our youtube site periodically. (

The first of the lot is about hand gongs - the low, mid and high pitched hand gongs.

You can view more information about the gongs here:

1) Low pitch hand gong

2) Mid pitch hand gong

3) High pitch hand gong

Special thanks to Kenny Ng for helping out!