Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Plastering of your Erhu!

About 2 and a half years back I made a short post on the practise of putting a small strip of plaster on the snakeskin protector of the erhu. This is to increase the drag on the bow which improves the handling of the bow. It also reduces the noise created when the bamboo part of the bow hits onto the protective strip.

The last time I used a narrow strip of plaster to demonstrate which isn't the best of examples. You need a wider piece of plaster so that you don't drag the sides of the plaster off when you bow.

Well, I've just gotten a few rolls of the wider type of plaster. It is not expensive stuff but it is definitely hard to find stuff.

I have no idea what to charge for putting a strip of plaster on your erhu. So we've decided to just do it for free for customers who brings their erhu to our shop.

Here's how the plaster looks like: