Friday, June 13, 2014

We have moved!

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our blog and websites, we have moved our Chinese musical instruments blog to:

If this is the first time you are visiting this blog, do stay around and browse our old articles.

If not, head over to our new blog site for more interesting updates and articles on Chinese musical instruments.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Erhu Fingering Chart

Thought I post this Erhu fingering chart in the key of D, G, F, C, A, Bb, E and Eb.  

Can't seem to find them when you need them.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Posing with Hu Han Rou Erhus

A new batch of exquisite erhus by famous Shanghai Erhu maker Hu Han Rou just came in and they decided to pose for the camera.

Should you decide to own one of them after we transform them into erhus, please visit our shop or our website by click on the links below:

Her violet sandalwoods are exceptionally good!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Helping a Customer Choose an Erhu

We just want to share here the lengths we go to to help a customer on the other side of the world choose his erhu.


On 2 Dec, a customer emailed about our Shanghai Dunhuang aged rosewood erhu.   He pointed out that the sound clips were of poor quality and wondered if we had better ones.  I quickly realized that I have not updated the sound clips since we starting selling online which is 7-8 years ago.  So I quickly did a new demo and posted it on youtube:


He replied that it is not exactly the sound he is looking for.  He is looking for something close to the video below:

I replied that although I do not play or look as good as Yu Hongmei, I will try to give him some recommendations as close as possible.  I recommended him the Aged Rosewood Erhu by Hu Han Hou, and the Ming Qing Aged Rosewood Erhu by YKM


He replied that he likes the Ming Qing Aged Rosewood Erhu by YKM, but it is a little out of his budget.  He then requested a video demo of the below two erhus:

YKM1 - Aged rosewood Erhu by YKM
HEH10 - Shanghai Dunhuang aged rosewood Erhu

He wanted to hear the same person play both erhus, with the camera/microphone the same distance away the whole time. He also requested to choose two songs and play the same two songs on each erhu as well as to show a close-up of the front and back of each erhu.

I came back to him with this video.


He came back and told me that he liked the sound YKM1 (Aged rosewood erhu by YKM) but he wanted to hear the erhus being played on the higher registers (which I didn't do in the previous video)

I subsequently made this video for him, playing the hark the herald angels sing on the high registers for both erhus.


He replied that while he liked the overall tone of YKM1, he didn't like their higher registers.  He requested another video demo of the following 3 erhus:

MMK4 - Suzhou Black Sandalwood Erhu by MMK
HEH14 - Shanghai Dunhuang Violet Sandalwood Erhu
YKM2 - Violet Sandalwood Erhu by YKM

I told him the quality of YKM2 is quite inconsistent and recommended him the Suzhou Black Sandalwood Erhu by Wan Qi Xing instead.  I subsequently made this video demo for him, playing Love me tender on 3 positions on the below 3 different erhus:

- Suzhou Black Sandalwood Erhu by MMK
- Shanghai Dunhuang Violet Sandalwood Erhu
- Suzhou Black Sandalwood Erhu by Wan Qi Xing


He told me he liked MMK4 and wanted more of the same for comparison.  So I made the below video for him (cos I'm left with only 2pcs).

I told him I like the second one in the video better.  He agreed that he liked the second erhu too and subsequently made the purchase!


So, if you are looking to buy an erhu from us online and want to see the exact instrument before buying.  Feel free to ask!