Sunday, December 19, 2010

US delivery delays due to tighter custom controls

I've received a couple of emails from customers about not getting their orders yet.

For orders to Europe its probably because of the snowstorms.

But for orders to USA, its due to tighter custom checks (See advisory from Singpost below)

For those still waiting for your packages, I do hope you get yours soon.

Mail and Speedpost Services to United States of America

Singapore, 16 November 2010 - Due to heightened aviation security measures
imposed on airlines flying into the United States from 18 November 2010, there may
be potential air transportation capacity constraints resulting in delays. There may also
be additional delays due to enhanced airline and customs screening of all items at
Singapore and US.

International air mail service including registered articles and parcel items as well as
Speedpost items from Singapore to United States may be subject to delays. Like all
other postal administrations, SingPost is monitoring the situation closely.

SingPost wishes to advise customers to post their items earlier, especially in view of
the coming peak holiday season.

To ensure smooth delivery, customers are advised to:

• State clearly the content for packages;
• Indicate the return address on the back of the envelope;
• Ensure the correct postage;
• Ensure the address is correct and complete; and
• Provide the addressee’s contact number where possible.

Customers are also advised to consider the following when preparing packages:

• Use good quality packaging materials, for example select a box that is strong
enough to protect the contents. Leave space for cushioning inside the carton.
• Cushion contents appropriately, for example with bubble wrap or foam to
avoid damage during shipping.
• Wrap each item separately when packing more than one item in the same
• Pack tightly to avoid shifting.
• Always use tape that is designed for shipping, such as pressure-sensitive
tape, nylon-reinforced craft paper tape, or fiberglass-reinforced pressure-
sensitive tape. Do not use wrapping paper, string, masking tape or cellophane

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Setting up your Erhu

I have received much enquires on how to set up the erhu, especially by people who purchased from elsewhere and the instrument is not properly set up.

It might seem natural to established players but for those we have only seen the erhu for the first time, they might not have a clue with what they are doing.

Hence I made a video of how to do a simple setup on the erhu:

Here is the link:

Incidentally the above is our newest website which we will be putting lots of erhu related stuff on it.

Check out the erhu online course......