Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Type of Erhu Belt Clip

A while ago, a customer of mine who has bought a belt clip from me before asked: "Sung Wah, do you have a belt clip that stays on the erhu permanently?". I replied: "Erm.....ya, the belt clip that I sold you....just don't remove it and it will stay on permanently right?"

End of conversation.

A few days later by some divine intervention, I noticed a box of erhu belt clips in my store. They were never given a chance to see the light of day because they were wrongly ordered by my supplier. I took a look at them when they first came and sent them straight to the darkest corner of my store. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that these might be the type of belt clips my customer was looking for.

It comes in 2 parts.

The piece on the left clips onto your belt / trousers like this:

and the piece on the right is glued onto the base of your erhu like this:

As you can see the 2 parts are velcro loop and hook sides which can be attached together like below.

And with that you can dance to your heart's content while playing the erhu.

Accordingly to the male model in the photo, the clip is more comfortable than the usual belt clip I am selling. And you can easily detach and attach the erhu to and from the velcro, making setup and storage a breeze. The construction feels more flimsy though.

And with the Velcro piece glued to the base of erhu, part of the belt clip stays on the erhu permanently...

Available in the shop @ Rochor Centre. Oversea customers please email me if you are interested. It costs slightly less than the belt clip we have in our online store.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Very Good Wang Gen Xing Erhu

I was at Shanghai last week and while I was there, I went over to Wang Gen Xing's place to pick out 2 erhus.

I had my picture taken with him. He insisted that I bring his erhu into the picture to prove that they are indeed from him because there are a lot of fakes around.

I chose the best 2 from his lot of 5. Initially I just wanted to take 1 with me because one of my customer from Germany had ordered it but another sounded so good I just had to take it away with me.

So there you have it. One aged rosewood Wang Gen Xing erhu specially selected and brought back from Shanghai by me.

If you are interested, click here to purchase it.

*Latest update: The erhu is sold*