Friday, August 17, 2012

Homemade Erhu!

One of my erhu students made an erhu from materials collected from his kitchen.

Check this out:

The maker looked for some container that has the same size as an erhu resonator and found his coffee powder tin can.  He poured out all the contents and used it as the resonator.  He drilled holes on the back of the tin can.

For the neck he used some broomstick/mop handle and for the pegs he used something that looks like a pair of chopsticks.

The base plate is just a piece of wood stuck to the bottom.

The bow, strings, bridge, damper, adjustors are purchased from our shop.

I tried it and surprisingly the pegs work fine.  I was able to get it in tune without using the adjustors.

The bowing is quite smooth as well.

As for the sound, well it sounds like a normal erhu....with a mute on it.