Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nothing In Particular...

Ok, I've finished posting his products on my online store. Head over to the new products page to take a look at them (the first five products).

If you are thinking of buying different strings to try out on your Erhu, take note that the strings need some time to run in. Give it at least a week before you conclude that your old strings are better.


I just realized that the audio from the videos taken by my Canon digital camera is very bad. I recorded something using my Canon digital camera and a Fujifilm digital camera and the sound quality of Fujifilm turned out much better. The clip taken by Canon actually sounds very harsh, noisy and slightly sharp! Drat. All my product videos were taken by the Canon.

So when you view the product clips please imagine them sounding 50% nicer.


By the way, I am going to a music fair in Beijing end of May. Let me know if you are looking for anything special.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Erhu Maestro Wang Guo Tong's products

Today we received a package of new items that we ordered from Erhu Maestro Wang Guo Tong. Wang Guo Tong happens to be one of the most famous Erhu masters in China. He's done countless recordings, performed countless solos and written countless Erhu books and VCDs.

So before I start my tedious task of listing them on my website, here is a brief overview of the items:

1) A book of music scores with hundred over practise passages and really simple tunes for beginners. The best thing is the accompanying 2 CDs that has recordings of all the approximately 150 simple tunes in the book.

2) Volume 2 of 1) with hundred over practise passages and simple tunes for beginners (notice the omission of the word 'really' to differentiate the level of difficulty between volume 1 and 2.) The not so good thing is that it does not have any accompanying CD.

3) A book of Guangdong Erhu/Gaohu tunes compiled by Wang Guo Tong with his own fingerings.

4) Second edition of Liu Tian Hua Compositions in Music Notation + Music CD.
This book has Liu Tian Hua compositions in music notation format + a music CD with recordings by Wang Guo Tong and Liu Tian Hua himself. I'm not sure what changes are there in the second edition, but paper quality's lower that's for sure.

5) 2 types of Beijing Erhu strings endorsed by Wang Guo Tong. One of them is the standard type and the other is a silver wound.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Video on Symbols in Erhu Scores

We've recently completed a video on the various symbols you see in Erhu scores.

The partial version is posted in youtube:

If you would like the full version, please join our mailing list (look to the right of your screen) and you will get a link to download.


We have a new batch of Dizis and Xiaos from Dong Xue Hua as well as new Erhu learning materials from Erhu maestro Wang Guo Tong coming in a week's time. Also, a new shipment of instruments and accessories will be coming end of the month.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Video Clips of Ruans

A while ago I had a post about the different types of Chinese Ruans.

The other day a Ruan player was at our shop so I asked him to play something on the Gao Yin Ruan (High pitched Ruan), Xiao Ruan (Small Ruan) and the most commonly used Zhong Ruan (Mid Ruan).

So here they are:

Suzhou Rosewood Gao Yin Ruan -

Shanghai Rosewood Xiao Ruan -

Beijing Rosewood Zhong Ruan -

Wonderful Instruments aren't they? And they are relatively easy to pick up compared to the Erhu, Guzheng or Pipa. Its a fretted instrument played using a pick, so guitar players should have no problems.

The Xiao Ruans and Gao Yin Ruans are not listed on my online store yet so please email me at or if you are interested in one.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dimo Applicator and Clip on Tuner/ Metronome

The new stocks of dimo applicator is from a different manufacturer. According to some customers who've used it before, the construction still feels flimsy, but at least the dimo jiao stays on the stick instead of wanting to fall off like the previous design.

Design not much to shout about. I've reduced the price to US$4.99 for a pair.

Click here to purchase the Dimo applicator.


We have another new digital device to keep your instruments in tune and your rhythm in check.

It's a clip on digital chromatic tuner + metronome.

We think it looks great and works well.

It says 3 in 1 but we're still trying to find out what is the 3rd... We're quite sure it doesn't have the tone generator.

Click here to purchase the device.


I have queries from some potential customers about whether they can buy things from my online store if they do not have a paypal account. Well, as long as you have a credit card you can purchase items from my online store.

Look for this message after you checkout and click on the Continue link.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ruan Baby Ruan!

For the longest time, I've wanted to list the different types of ruans on my website. Mainly because the ruans are the Chinese equivalent of the western guitar(at least to me) and I thought people in the western countries might be interested.

I was still thinking about it before I went to take a nap. I then dreamt of a Filipino dancer who was in the same Music and Drama company as I was some 17 years ago. She told me her daughter had a starter grade Xiao Ruan and wanted to buy a better Xiao Ruan. So I sold her one that costs $650.

I conclude it is my subconsciousness telling me that there are loads of Filipino dancers out there with daughters wanting to upgrade there Xiao Ruans. I guess I better get my act together. (Disclaimer: I do not have any attraction to Filipino dancers.)

Currently I've only listed the Zhongruans, but there are 4 types of ruans, including the Zhongruan. In order of ascending pitch, 1) Da Ruan 2) Zhong Ruan 3) Xiao Ruan 4) Gao Yin Ruan. Here's a picture of them lined up together:

The ruans have a richer tone compared to the guitar, and it has only 4 strings. I've tried to play some blues and funk on the Zhongruan and it sounds alright actually. Not entirely trying to fit a square into a circle.

Will record some video/ sound clips soon.

Click here for our listings of Zhong Ruan.

Click here for additional information about the Ruan.