Saturday, September 20, 2008

Montage of Video Clips of the Electric Erhu @ Eason

We were playing around with the electric erhu and I took some clips of it.

Look out for the erhu, violin, jinghu, high pitched banhu, zhuihu, erhu in overdrive and some tones which I have no words to describe.

Interested parties please email me at for details. Only 1-2 pieces left.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Arrival of Stocks - update

We have a new type of Fang Fang Erhu strings. It comes in red and white packaging. It is of a similar grade to the usual Fang Fang Erhu strings in blue and white packaging. But the difference is the string gauge is thicker, which means more effort is required of your left fingers.

Fang Fang Blue - Outer String = 0.25mm / Inner String = 0.42mm
Fang Fang Red - Outer String = 0.26mm / Inner String = 0.44mm

(Click on image to go to product page)


New stocks of Dizis (Chinese Bamboo Flute) and Xiaos (Chinese Vertical Flute) from Beijing maker Dong Xue Hua just came in. I ordered a few more pieces of Xiao because they always run out quickly. They come in the key of F and G.

Click here to see how they look.

Click here for their Dizis.


Our Hulusis (a Yunnan minority wind instrument) have also been restocked. They come in Bb and C key - subject to stock availability.

Click here for our Hulusi page


Tomorrow is the date where details of the first ever Online Interactive Erhu Course will be released!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Erhu of the Future and the Bridge of the Past

Today I tested the Plexiglass Electric Erhu.

Boy was it FUN!

It's really a very fun instrument to play.

The package came with a set of speakers and an effects box. The setup was pretty straightforward. You just need to connect a few wires here and there and you're all set to go.

The effects box came preset with 50 over settings that turns your Erhu into a Zhonghu, Gaohu, Banhu, Cello, string ensemble etc.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but I really enjoyed playing the instrument today, changing to different tones just buy tapping my feet on the effects box.

The plexiglass Erhu itself is surprising, very easy to play and very responsive. It plays almost effortlessly. The bow grabs itself nicely on the strings and the tone is very clean, without alot of the noise associated with normal Erhus.

To the purists it might sound very artificial and 'un-Erhu' like. But you have to accept that its an 'electric Erhu'. You don't expect an electric guitar to sound like an acoustic guitar anyway.

I brought in 3 pieces but I doubt I will be bringing more in the future unless someone pre-orders it, because the cost is very high.

I'll set it up in my shop and let you guys have a go at it. 1 piece is sold and another is reserved. That leaves just 1.

I'll post some videos soon.


My stock of the 4300 year old Erhu bridges are here. Only less than half remains.

Those in Singapore can bring their Erhus to try the bridge and be convinced before buying.

Those not in Singapore, we have a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the result the bridge brings, just mail it back for a full refund!

Click here to order.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Woolly Woolly Lamb Felt Damper

I've just listed the felt dampers that I have in my shop for sale on my online store.

It's called the "Woolly Woolly Lamb Felt Damper"! Woohoo!

From our experience felt material works best so we've been using felt ever since lambs started to baaaa on earth.

A piece of damper makes a big difference in the tone of the Erhu. It cuts out a lot of the irritating cackling noise that you produce on a Erhu without a damper.

You fold the damper and insert it under the bridge between the strings and the snakeskin. The ideal thickness is achieved when you do not need to remove the bridge to slide the damper in but at the same time you need to push and pull a bit to get the damper in. (You can view the Erhus in my online store if you have no idea where to put it)

Pushing the damper down towards the base will give you a brighter tone so you can shift it to your preference.

Selling these things are not going to make me rich (unless I sell a million of them) but I thought you might find it useful.

Click here to go to the product page.


My new stocks of instruments and accessories are arriving early next week.

Which means those of you who ordered the 4300 year old Erhu bridge will be getting it really soon!

And I can finally the Fang Fang strings to those whom I have owed for so long.

Some of the new items that I am expecting are:
- A new all black Erhu bow that accordingly is very popular among Erhu professionals in China
- A new version of Fang Fang strings
- The Electric Erhu!
- New Xuzhou Liuqins by Master Liu Wei Zhong
- New Pipas by Master Qiu Ting Yu
- New Erhus by WNZ

More information will be posted soon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Erhus Used in Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony

I've found out more about the Erhus used in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics:

- They're made by Shanghai Dunhuang

- A total of 60 Erhus were made for the performance

- The Erhu comes with a built in pickup

- The headstock is specially designed with a 'prosperity cloud'

- Because of the 'cloudy' headstock, the Erhu weighs a whopping 2.5kg

- The Erhu is fitted with a clip that hooks on to the belt that the performer wears so that she can prance around the stage with ease

- The Erhu is specially made by a team of 3-4 master Erhu makers including - Wang Gen Xing

- The Erhu is made of Aged Rosewood

- These Olympic Erhus took 3 months to manufacture and Shanghai Dunhuang will not be producing anymore of the same kind.

- Shanghai Dunhuang will be keep some of the Erhus as mementos and the rest will be put up for sale

Great, so they are selling them!

Well, I've enquired with them and apparently all the Erhus have been snapped up.

I'm being placed on the waiting and will only be allocated if someone fails to make payment for it.

I'll let you know if I get my hands on one.

But its mine......all mine.......


By the way, I've just listed an interesting book on the origins of Chinese music.

It's quite a simple book written in a comic book format.

Click here for more information about the book.