Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Test Drive of Fang Fang Gaohu Strings

Fang Fang Erhu strings are quite popular among Erhu players.

But not a lot of people use Fang Fang Gaohu strings. They are so used to using Dunhuang Gaohu strings that the mere thought of changing to another brand sent shivers down their spine.

So we decided to do a demo of the Fang Fang Gaohu strings on a Wan Qi Xing Aged Rosewood Gaohu.

The tone compared to using the Dunhuang Gaohu strings has improved significantly. It is much clearer and brighter, even at the higher registers. The volume has increased as well.

Here is the video demo:

As one user puts it, once you have used Fang Fang Gaohu strings you are never going back to the usual Gaohu strings.

Purchase them here: