Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who? Handroll?

Just communicated with Wang Gen Xing a few days ago about my next batch of Erhus from him. He says this will be the last batch of Erhus he is making. He has no raw materials left and is getting old.

So that's it folks. No more Wang Gen Xing Erhus (except for the 1 or 2 Aged Rosewoods that are we are getting in April).

If you manage to get it elsewhere, there are 3 possibilities:
1) They got it sometime ago
2) They are fakes and imitations
3) He lied

So I am now looking to his apprentice, Hu Han Rou for exquisite Shanghai Erhus. Hu's Erhus are said to be as good as Wang's, and they cost slightly less as well. Hu's Erhu also has an uncanny resemblance to Wang's Erhus. Pretty much the same design. Even the font they use to stamp their name looks similar.

I had this conversation with a Canadian friend/ customer the other day. His favourite game is an intellectually un-stimulating game called fight club. Thus you can imagine that his brain is a little rusty sometimes. He thinks he is Skeletor in disguise, so I call him Skully.

Me: - Wang's not making any Erhus anymore, so I'll be getting Erhus from his apprentice.

Skully: - Great. Tell me about his apprentice.

Me : - Hu is the apprentice of Wang.

Skully : - Well, that’s what I want to know.

Me : - But that’s what I’m telling you,

Skully : - Well, that’s what I’m asking you, Sung Wah. Who is the apprentice of Wang?

Me : - Yes.

Skully : - I mean the fellow’s name.

Me : - Hu.

Skully : - The apprentice of Wang.

Me : - Hu.

Skully : - The new maker you'll be getting Erhus from.

Me : - Hu.

Skully : - The Chinese national!

Me : - Hu will be making the Erhus.

Skully: - Whaddya’ asking me for?

Me : - I’m telling you Hu will be making the Erhus.

Skully: - Well, I’m asking you, Sung Wah. Who is making the Erhus?

Me : - That’s the maker’s name.

Skully : - That’s who’s name?

Me : - Yes.

Skully : - Will you or will you not tell me the name of the apprentice of Wang?

Me : - Han Rou

Skully. : - No I don't want a handroll. You know I don't like Japanese food.

Me: - Buzz off Skully.....


Yeah I made that up. Adapted from a Bush joke.

But Skully's a real person who likes fight club and seems to be a rather intelligent being.


  1. Yeah, heard of this joke before.

    "Hu is the name of the leader in China."

    "Who is the name of the leader in China?"

    And there's coffee joke in it too.

  2. Hey Sung Wah, love your joke. I think there's an original version that came from an episode of the Abbott and Costello Show. The segment is called "Who's On First?"

    Check it out on Youtube:



  3. Thanks for the link fp chew. That was fun!