Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Bridges

I brought back some interesting bridges from the music fair:

1) The tip is made of Ebony and the bottom is made of Pine.

2) A hybrid of Ebony and Maple.

3) Bridge made from Maple wood

4) Bridge made from very old sandalwood

5) Maple bridges

6) I like this one - white sandalwood. (The names the Chinese come up with...)

8) Finally the mother of all bridges - Bridge made from 4300 year old petrified wood. Be afraid.....be very afraid......

I have tried it and it is really good. It feels like when you have a nose block and a hoarse throat, then suddenly your nose block clears and your throat feels great and you can sing without any obstacles!


  1. Sung Wah, how about putting a sound file up with the 4300 year old wood?

  2. The wood is "petrified" because everything organic has been replaced by minerals, just like in fossils. So if the bridge is basically made of stone, my question is: Has anyone tried making a bridge out of jade?

  3. Ok it's not exactly fossilized, just very very old.

    I've heard of Jade bridges, but have not seen them though.

  4. Are you going to sell any of them?
    the white sandal wood one looks interesting.