Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Videos From Shanghai Music Fair 2008

Here are two of the few videos I took during the Shanghai Music Fair 2008.

The first is a dude from the Beijing Conservatory of Music. You might find him familiar because I previously posted a clip of him playing Jiang He Shui, also at a music fair sometime ago. Apparently he's doing some promotion for some erhu makers/manufacturers. He just puts his own bow on whatever erhu they give him and play!

This time I caught him playing the last part of Zigeunerweisen on the erhu.

Watch his fingers fly!


The second clip is a guy playing the MaTouQin. "Ma Tou" means "horse head" and "Qin" means instrument. So Voila! The instrument he played has a horse head for its headstock!

The instrument is has 2 strings and a bow is used to play. For more information about the matouqin you can go over to wiki here:

Notice he did not use his fingers to 'press' the strings like what you would do for normal string instruments. He uses his fingers to push the strings sideways instead.



  1. wow...the erhu player was amazing!


  2. hey, what is the name of the flying fingers man?