Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music Lessons @ Eason Music!

After 30 years in the business of selling Chinese musical instruments, we finally decide to devote some of our precious shop space to conduct individual music lessons.

Offering music lessons seem to be a natural extension of a music retail shop but we never got down to doing it because we were all tied up with other aspects of the business. So after years of of talking about it, we're finally walking the talk.

What kind of music lessons do we offer? Almost everything under the sun - erhu, guzheng, pipa, dizi, zhongruan, yangqin, liuqin, xiao, hulusi, suona and even Chinese percussion.

Our profile of music instructors are a mixture of professional players who are young and talented, as well as not so young and overflowing with experience. The one thing they have in common is that they are all very passionate about their music.

Our instructors are effectively bilingual in Chinese and English.

So if you are interested in picking up a Chinese music instrument or want to bring your skills up another notch. Please email tansungwah@eason.com.sg or look for 'Wei Long' or 'Sung Wah' at 6294 7522.

I'll see you at our shop soon!


- 1 to 1 lessons
- Once a week, 45mins per lesson
  • Beginner $120/mth (4 lessons, excl. GST)
  • Intermediate $150/mth (4 lessons, excl. GST)
  • Advanced $180/mth (4 lessons, excl. GST)
- Registration Fee $15 (excl. GST- 4 lessons)
- Monday to Sundays (10:30am - 9:00pm)

Contact 'Wei Long' or 'Sung Wah' @ 6294 7522 or email tansungwah@eason.com.sg for enquiries.


  1. really like the site. found if very informative. thanks.

  2. I just started learning guzheng in the U.S. and I found the "performance" part very interesting. The school will have a performance every 3 months. Students who are interested will perform on stage to showcase their progress and their parents / friends will be to support.