Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Am More 'Ming Gui' Than you!

I'm sure flute players are very familiar with the 'Ming Gui' brand dimo. The meaning of Ming Gui (名贵) is along the lines of precious, valuable and pricelss.

The bright red 'Ming Gui' packaging has come to represent high quality dimo for a lot of flute players.

But did you know that actually 'Ming Gui' dimo is not just produced by 1 company?

Let me rephrase that. A whole lot of companies are using the bright red 'Ming Gui' packaging to package their dimo. The poor founder of 'Ming Gui' dimo did not copyright his 'Ming Gui' packaging and every dimo maker in China is using his packaging. As a result, you get a lot of 'Ming Gui' dimo with varying quality of dimo inside.

Just flip the package over and you can see the maker of the 'Ming Gui' dimo:

Take a close look at the dimo itself. The one on the left looks to be of better quality. It looks silky smooth and is broader. The one of the right looks a little coarser. The middle one looks, well, in between the left and right.

So does it mean that if you buy from the maker on the left you'll definitely get better dimo than the one on the left? Well, not neccessarily. The maker on the right might get a good batch of reeds once in a while and the maker on the left might get crap reeds sometime as well.

So unless you're on good terms with the maker who picks the good quality dimo for you, you'll get this and that, here and then.

Currently we're carrying dimos from the maker on the left, who told us these dimos comes from a particularly good batch of reeds. We opened a few and they look pretty good.

So if you want some good dimo now's a good time to order, cause we're not sure if the next batch would be as good. But don't hoard them as well cos they turn yellowish if kept for too long.

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