Monday, May 24, 2010

Table of Erhu Scores and Relevant Links

Here's another which I drew inspiration from my quest to learn the ukulele. I was looking around for tabs and scores when I stumbled upon this guy called dominator. He had a website with a table of ukulele songs, tabs and links to youtube video.

I thought that is a very useful table. You get to download the tabs/scores and you can click on the relevant links for video demonstration.

So we did our own table of erhu scores and links to their respective videos. The Chinese names of the song and hanyu pinyin are there as well. This is particularly useful for people who do not know the Chinese language. I didn't bother to translate the titles to English because there is no official translation for the tune titles.

The table is accessible from the resources page. Here is the direct link to the page:

There are certain tunes which I cannot locate the video. If you do find them please drop me a note at

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