Friday, June 24, 2011

New Strings from Beijing

We just brought in new strings from Beijing for Erhu, Gaohu, Zhonghu, Liuqin and Pipa.

Calling out to beginner players who are looking for good and affordable strings, Erhu Strings endorsed by Erhu Maestro Wang Guo Tong would be what you might be looking for.

After the really good response from the Abing Silver Erhu Strings (MEH21), we decided to bring in Gaohu and Zhonghu strings from the same label. ABing Silver Gaohu Strings and ABing Silver Zhonghu Strings.

These strings silver are made of pure silver and they are longer lasting. And not to mention that they are highly recommended for use by the China Erhu Association.

Not forgetting the pluck string instruments, we also brought in strings from two different companies for both Liuqin and Pipa. Beijing Xinghai Professional Liuqin Strings and Beijing Chang Qing Professional Pipa Strings..

So hurry up and check them out now!!

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