Friday, November 4, 2011

Da Da Zhonghu and its Flight Case

Recently I custom made a da da zhonghu for an overseas customer.

The reason why I called it a da da zhonghu is because it is something in between a da zhonghu and a dahu. The resonator is bigger than a da zhonghu but smaller than a dahu.

The shape of the resonator is different as well.

According to the maker YKM, this is the most optimum shape for this kind of instrument.

Since, it is a custom made instrument, we chose premium grade aged rosewood and a good piece of snakeskin.

The instrument is preferably tuned E, B and does not have a baseplate.

The headstock was suppose to be much simpler in design but YKM decided to impose his sense of beauty on it.

The sound is quite marvelous. Bassy, mellow and rich.

Not only was the 'dahu' custom made, the case that houses it is also specially tailored.
The case is a custom made flight case and it is quite marvelous too. Seldom do we get individuals who are willing to invest in a flight case to house their instrument.

The only drawback is its weight!

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