Friday, September 7, 2007

Food, Glorious Food

I realized that there are quite a lot of Singaporeans reading my blog. Singaporeans love good food, especially when they are cheap, so I thought here's my chance to be a Rochor Centre(where my shop is located) food critic, in case anyone decides to drop by for some supplies.

But first, some directions on how to get to my shop. A lot of people who came to my shop for the first time complained that they took quite a while to find out where we are. Click here for a map of our location. Rochor Centre is a poorly designed big complex with little navigation signs. Just look out for the Church of Lady Lourdes and we are located right opposite the church.

Below our shop is a coffeeshop named Coffeetown. (For non-Singaporean readers, a coffeeshop is a place where you have different food operators selling different kinds of cuisine) In that small little coffeeshop are 4 stalls worth mentioning. The first is a stall that sells very good roast duck, roast pork and charsiew rice. The rice is served with a bowl of soup that is very tasty. The soup usually runs out by afternoon. That is the most popular stall in the coffeeshop. Ask for some of their dark soya sauce to go with the rice. Its sweet and fragrant and they don't give to their customers unless they ask.

The second stall is one selling homemade Bao and Dim Sum. The Baos are freshly made in their stall everyday. They have interesting creations like coffee Bao and '3 in 1' Bao that is filled with Tau Sar, Lian Rong and salted duck yolk! Its a little too sweet for my taste though, but the Big Bao is fabulous. (Baos are steamed buns with different kind of fillings) The stall was featured in the newspapers and had very long queues for subsequent weeks. The euphoria has since died down and you can buy the Baos without queuing now.

The third stall is the Malay stall. Their fried chicken rice is very popular. The chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The chilli paste that comes with it is very hot and spicy and goes very well with the rice!

The last stall is the mixed vegetable stall. Their dishes are actually quite tasty with a home cook feel. You get the feeling that their raw meat and vegetables are cleaned thoroughly before cooking.

Just around the corner is another coffeeshop named Kopitiam. Here you can find the famous Song Fa Bah Kut Teh that used to be opposite Bugis MRT station. Another stall worth mentioning is the braised duck rice stall. The soup that comes with it is savoury and full of chinese herbs. Check out their mutton soup as well.

Bon Appetit!


  1. So easy to find, lah. First time I went to buy dizi case, I looked up while driving along the road, then saw these Chinese words, and with my limited ability, thought "Hmmm.. that's 声音, and... that's from 艺术, so those 2 words sound like Yi-Sheng, so should be Eason". *HAHA*.

  2. Next time (if ever), I must "Tar Bao" the "Bao".