Saturday, September 1, 2007

The one that got away...

As you all know, Eason Enterprises is a family business set up in 1978. We import and sell a lot of Chinese music instruments every year and once in a while, we will lose track of our own inventory.

The other day when I was going through my store, I came across this Aged Rosewood Suzhou Erhu that apparently has been forgotten. I suspect it is one of the earlier works by Wan Qi Xing, a Erhu maker from Suzhou. It didn't have any engravings on it.

I cleaned it up and spent a bit of time setting up the Erhu by giving it new strings, bow and bridge. To my surprise, the Erhu sounds very good. It produces a full bodied tone that is sweet and clear. The high notes come out nice and clean as well. The wood grains look wonderful too.

Here is it:

Anyone interested in this Erhu please email me at Comes with accessories like case, extra strings, extra bridges, rosin and fine adjustors. The price is US$325.

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