Monday, February 25, 2008

Abing Silver Er Quan Erhu Strings

I just listed Abing Silver Er Quan Erhu strings on my online website.

These are strings specially for Erquan Erhu to be tuned G, D. Click here for my information about the Erquan Erhu.

Some Erhu players who don't want to purchase an Erquan Erhu just to play 2 songs buy these strings to try on their Erhu.

You can give it a go but still nothing beats the real thing.


One of my Erhu customer in Spain has this to say about the Erhu belt clip.

Hello Tansungwah: I have received the belt clip this morning. I immediately tried it and it was very good to can play the erhu while moving through a room and stand up. I like very much this item, it is very useful. Thanks a lot.

I reckon the feeling is like the first time I got my guitar strap. Its great to be able to move around the school campus serenading girls with my guitar.


  1. I finally tried out the erhu belt clip I bought. I was very surprised to see how it improved my bowing. I suppose standing up with good posture, and having plenty of space for the bowing arm, is what makes the difference.

    It also makes me think about relaxing my left arm, keeping the hand loose for shifting.

    I think I'll mostly practice standing up now, it was a good investment.

  2. Sounds great Ann! It works your calf muscles as well.

    How is the Hulusi?