Thursday, February 14, 2008

Erhu Resurrection Kit

Hello to all again!

It's good to be back after a long Chinese New Year break.

This is a new product I've put together:

So you've got an used Erhu from Ebay or a garage sale. It looks like its seen better days. The strings are rusty, the bow looks bare and you're not sure what else is needed to make the Erhu sing again.

Enter the Erhu resurrection kit. Everything you need to restore your Erhu to its former glories.

The package includes:

1. 2 Set Mudan Erhu Strings

Strings become dead, dull and rusty over time. We'll pack in 2 in case you mess up the first.

Click here for a video on how to change the strings.

2. 1 Shanghai Erhu Bow

Old bows filled with grime and dirt will reduce your Erhu to a whisper. You'll definitely need a new one.

3. 1 Song rosin

With great bow, comes great rosin. We'll pack in a boxed Song rosin. Yes you can buy rosins in violin shops but nothing come close to Song rosins.

Click here for a video on how to rosin the bow.

4. 1 roll of Qianjing

The nylonesque string that pulls the strings towards the neck. You can't find this kind of material easily anywhere. A roll of Qianjing string is good for 10 ties or tries.

Click here for a video on how to tie the Qianjing.

5. 2 fine adjustors

Made in Germany by Wittner. Some Erhu pegs are very stiff and some tend to slip. This helps you to tune your Erhu.

6. 4 Erhu bridges

2 white wood bridges and 2 black bridges of varying height. The different wood gives a different tone and if your snakeskin has sagged, try the higher bridge. Place the bridge in the centre of the snakeskin.

7. 2 cloth dampener

Makes the sound more compact and reduces some harshness and noise. Fold it thick enough to fit under the strings below the bridge.

8. 1 Erhu mute

Erhu can be quite a loud instrument. Use this to cut out 90% of the volume if you are practising at night.

9. Erhu fingering chart

Stick it on the neck of the Erhu to give you a guide on where your left hand fingers should press.

Click here for more information on how to stick the chart.

So that's everything you need to get your Erhu back on track. If you have a can of Lemon Pledge at home, you can use that to clean your Erhu, but stay clear of the snakeskin.

Total price of package = US$60.
Shipping of all items to USA, Europe and Canada = US$20

Click here to purchase the Erhu Resurrection Package!

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