Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Visit From a Friend From The Other Side of The World

I was away for quite a while. I went for a 5 day business course.

Recently one of my customer/friend from Canada came to Singapore to visit.

This is Skully, one of the main charactors in my Who? Handroll blog post.

Because he did not buy enough Erhus from me, I decided to teach him a lesson and brought him to a fish farm to feed his feet to the fishes.

Naively, put his feet into the pool full of vociferous fishes, thinking that they will eat away the dead skin on his feet.

Pretty soon, he had no more hair left on his feet....

The progress was too slow, so I suggested to him to go to another pool with bigger fishes.

Soon he had only one foot left.....

This fish took a toe home for supper.

That will teach him to buy more Erhus from me!

Fearing for the rest of his limbs, he begged me to take him to my shop to buy one dozen Erhus back home.

As a special bonus for buying a dozen Erhus from me, I treated him to a Liang Xiao performance on the Erhu with the all seeing eye...

The moral of the story is, if you are coming to visit, buy enough Erhus from me first!

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