Friday, November 7, 2008

More Photos From Shanghai Music Fair 2008

Here are the rest of the pictures I took at the Shanghai Music Fair:

This was one of the main attractions at the Dunhuang booth - a butterfly Guzheng.

Its not just 1 Guzheng, its 4 Guzhengs in 1!

Shot of the gigantic lute again. Nothing new cos they recycled from last year's fair.

The world's largest erhu? Correction - the world's largest playable erhu. Tried playing it and sounds horrible.

A close up of the erhu. What a bridge.

The booth of Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' brand, which we are the sole distributor in Singapore.

Took them a long time to figure out sex sells....

After 1 year they are still together....

Nice booth.

To be frank I'm not sure what is this. Looks like a horn flute or something.

I took some shots of these ocarinas but was stopped by the owner. What's so special about them?

Miniature Chinese instruments.

Another shot of it.

The world's largest Chao gong. Correction - the world's largest playable Chao gong. According to the owner there are some bigger in size but they are all looks and no substance.

Coming up next.....Beijing Olympic Chinese music instruments.

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