Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Products Listed - Mini Flutes and Mini Ruans

I've just listed some new products on my website.

2 of them are koudis - which directly translated to English means 'mouth flute'. I suppose they called it a mouth flute because it is played with the mouth, as opposed to the rest of the flutes which is played by the, erm...., the mouth as well. Hey! why is it call the mouth flute?

After looking at the video below, I conclude they call it the mouth flute because the lady looks like she is whistling instead of playing a flute.

Anyway I shall call it the 'miniature flute' instead.

You need one of these if you want to do what this lady is doing:

One of it is a G key koudi and the other a D key koudi.

Click the below links to go to the individual product pages:


The other 2 products listed is a XiaoRuan (Small Ruan) and GaoYinRuan (High pitched Ruan). The XiaoRuan and GaoYinRuan is part of the Ruan family, consisting of DaRuan, ZhongRuan, XiaoRuan and GaoYinRuan.

Here's how they line up to be:

The XiaoRuan and GaoYinRuan sounds similar to the mandolin.

For those who are not acquainted with the 'hanyu pinyin', the pronunciation of 'Ruan' is more like Run, instead of 'Roo...Ann'.

Click on the video samples link in the respective pages to hear how they sound like.



Ruan product page:

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