Friday, July 24, 2009

A CD of tunes featuring 12 different kinds of Huqin

Here's a CD featuring tunes played using 12 different kinds of Huqins or Chinese string instruments.

Just when you thought there is only the Erhu, there are actually Yihu, Sanhu, Hamihu, Banhu, Jinghu and others.

Its quite interesting to listen to the tone produced by the different instruments as well as the unique flavours and styles associated with each instrument.

It was recorded by a Beijing erhu player Liu Chong Zeng (currently residing in Singapore) a few years back. Only a few hundred copies were produced and distributed locally in Singapore. I'm left with slightly less than 50 it will never be re-printed again. The cost is only US$9.95.

Here's the link to the CD:

You can listen to some samples in the link if you are using internet explorer. For some reason it does not work with Firefox.

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