Friday, July 3, 2009

The Things German Customs Do....

I recently sent an erhu to a German customer of mine. When he received his erhu, the erhu case was cut open at various places.

Either they used a chainsaw to open the brown packaging, or they are checking if I slipped any drugs in between the folds.

And I got a package containing a Hulusi returned to me from Germany as well. According the customer, the customs could not see the price written on a very obvious custom declaration slip stuck onto the package. Since they could not ascertain how much to charge for custom duties, they have to send the package back to me!

Hey hey hey! Look carefully next time please!

1 comment:

  1. So that German customer of yours mind that the erhu casing is damaged by the customs? Doesn't the german customs have X-ray scanners to check what's inside? Lucky our SG customs don't do that, cos my dizi shipped to me by the dizi makers in Hangzhou, put the dizi inside velvet, then pack in bubblewrap.. If the SG customs do what the germans did, my dizi can be used to hang the clothes