Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Guzheng Song Bo?

We have been selling only Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand Guzhengs for the longest time.  Not that there are no other Guzheng manufacturers in China.  In fact there are thousands of Guzheng makers in China.   But mainly because Yun brand Guzheng sounds great and there are not many that sound better than them. 

But recently we decided to bring in another brand of Guzheng.  The brand is called Songbo 松柏.  They are actually by a Taiwanese Mr Cai who was makes his Guzhengs in Taiwan.  He only shifted his production to China only recently.

We have actually known Mr Cai for a long time already.  We see him once every year in Shanghai and would meet up for dinner or something.  Everytime he would tell us to bring some Guzhengs back to try and we would say all right, maybe next time.

So maybe next time has arrived.  We are going to order some pieces in to Singapore.

Why do we like their Guzhengs? Well, they look gorgeous and the finishing is better than any that we have seen.  The tone is quite different from Shanghai Dunhuang Yun Brand.  It sounds deep, resonant and clean compared to the warm, sweet tone of most 'Yun' brand Guzhengs.    

Here are some pictures of their Guzhengs:

- Zitan Sandalwood Guzheng

- Rosewood travel size mini-Guzheng

-  Here are some demos on youtube:

We will not be ordering much this time, so if you like what you see and would like to make a pre-order, please visit us at our showroom or drop us an email at to avoid disappointment.

We are quite confident that when asked, "The Guzheng Song Bo?" with your purchase, your reply will be "Sibe Song...."

("Song Bo?" is colloquial language for "Are you satisfied?".  "Sibe Song" would mean "Very satisfied")


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