Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New ABS Erhu Hard Case!

Well, well, Jiayue has came up with another type of high quality erhu case.

If you remember, they started off with these kind of erhu cases.

A bit chunky and heavy and with silver metal locks.  The surface gets scratches easily and you have to buff it often with car wax or something.  I remember telling that to a Korean customer who bought it and he was quite pissed and I never heard from him again.

Then they came out with a slimmer shape/design which is significantly lighter.  

In view of the easily scratchable surface, they also introduced a rough texture exterior that is suppose to resolve that problem.

After a while, for reasons unknown, they reverted back to this design again.  

But this time, they changed the locks to black and the easily scratchable surface improved a lot.  It seems lighter at the same time, more sturdy than its predecessor.

But now, they came up with this: An ABS surface erhu hard case.   

It adopted the shape of its second generation case.  But the exterior is glossy shiny ABS!  

The interior is plush and comfortable as usual.

The locks have changed again.  I don't know how to describe these locks except that it has a spring mechanism inside.  It looks more dainty than the previous locks used.

On the back are rings for you to attach straps so that you can sling them over your shoulder.

All in all, we think it is the best looking erhu hard case so far.  And despite the glossy surface, it does not seem to scratch as easily.  

We only have 12 pieces of assorted colors coming to us in 2 week's time.

So if you are interested in one, be sure to book early with us!