Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Shipment of Instruments and Accessories

New shipment of goods just arrived.  Lot of new and old things as well.

Here's a summary of what's here:

1) Erhu and Zhonghu bows by Wang Xiao Di (WXD)
2) Erhu bows with extra hair by Li Huai Gang (LHG) - Li Huai Gang makes bow for erhu professionals in China
3) Ah Bing Silver Erhu / Gaohu / Zhonghu strings
4) Professional Beijing Xinghai Liuqin / Zhongruan strings
5) Travel size Guzheng from Yangzhou (Something else other than Shanghai Dunhuang)
6) Reduced sized Sandalwood/ Rosewood Guzheng from Songbo / Taiwan

7) Wan Qi Xing Erquan Erhu and black sandalwood Erhu
8) Ebony Banhus from a maker who is not Man Rui Xing
9) New Liuqin and Zhongruan by runaway disciple of Song Guang Ning
10)  Zhongruans and Daruans from Song Guang Ning / Zhang Xin Hua
11) Jiayue high quality erhu hardcase
12)  Lots of Chinese cymbals and gongs
13) Zhonghu hardcase
14) Suzhou Rosewood Zhongruan with shell engravings

More details coming up!

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