Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Changing Strings on the Erhu

Someone asked me if I could do a video on how to calibrate or tune the Erhu. My first reaction was, isn't that pretty straightforward thing?

I guess I've been doing that so much so that I've taken some things for granted. Thus I decided to do a video on how to change Erhu strings as well as tune it.

When I finished the video, I realized that there are certain aspects you need to take note of, else your Erhu might end up looking and sound weird.

So here it is: How to change strings (on the Erhu)


  1. *haha* I had the same reaction as you.

    Reminds me of a colleague who would give a big sigh each time she needs to change her son's violin strings. Gave me a shock when I heard that she brings the violin to the shop to have them changed for S$75 (!!!). She says her son's teacher doesn't have time to help change (?!). I thought it was such an easy thing bc my son can change his own violin strings. *haha*

  2. S$75!!! Tell your collegue to come to me, I'll do it at a fraction of the cost.

    Or ask your son to do it for her for an ice-cream or something.

  3. I asked her to bring her violin and I did for her! And I didn't even know how to play the violin then. But I could tune it lah.