Monday, August 6, 2007

Hooray! My Dizi splitted!

Was showing Mr BCK of Singapore Chinese Orchestra a splitted Dizi the other day. (Mr BCK incidentally is the one in the video "How to fix the dimo")

He says he is always very happy when his Dizi splits. This shows that the bamboo is of good quality. The tone that comes out of the Dizi will be crisp and clear. He'll just use super glue to fill the cracks and continue to use it. Of course the Dizi it might not look as nice as before.

But don't you go running to your fireplace with your Dizis to deliberately crack them...


  1. both very instructive and very funny.

    Thanks for this piece of information. Guess I am going to try some dizis. I know my friend Damien bought some from you. I have Irish Tin Whistles and they are quite fun. The Dizi sound is somewhat similar to those Irish instruments. So I'll try to see if I can play. Tell me next time you have a batch of splatted ones and you can count me in! hehe


  2. The wood on my guitar split. Not good news though. *HAHA*!!!

  3. Hi the Chengs,

    We have a few good guitars in our shop as well. Come and have a look!

    Sung Wah

  4. I guess that means that your dizi has been properly "broken-in" (literally!) :-D

  5. Thanks for the mention Claude I feel infamous hahaa Trust you to comment on the funnies

    I think people heard me scream when I dropped my baby (Dizi) on the pavement, but I guess I should of dropped it a few more times :o)

  6. Damien I can send you cracked Dizis anytime!