Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The one Guzheng you have to own...

A new batch of Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' Brand aged Rosewood Guzheng just arrived recently so excuse me I am going to do some selling.

I think every Guzheng player who can afford it should own an aged Rosewood Guzheng. Not just any aged Rosewood Guzheng, but Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' brand aged Rosewood Guzheng. The tone is unbelievably rich and full. You have to play it to experience it. It sounds even better than a Violet Sandalwood Guzheng in my opinion.

Click on the pictures below for more information.

And don't they look just gorgeous?

By the way, we are the sole distributor for Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' Brand in Singapore and 'Yun' Brand is our registered trademark. We are aware that some other companies are hawking the Shanghai Dunhuang 'Yun' brand in Singapore as well. Their instruments are most likely fakes or illegal imports of inferior quality. So do be careful.


  1. Very expensive....Got cheap yet good ones?

  2. Yes of course there are cheaper and good ones. You can find them here: