Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dong Xue Hua Flutes and Xiaos

Our new batches of Dong Xue Hua Dizis and Xiaos just arrived.

Dong Xue Hua Dizis and Xiaos are arguably the best around. Don't just take it from me, but this is what I gather from my customers who are professional musicians.

Although I have brought in different brands of flutes over the years, most of my customers still swear by his flutes. They say his flutes are very responsive and sound the best.

I've previously sent Dizis of different makes to a well known Christian flutist in Ireland and he also likes Dong Xue Hua's flutes the best.

I have a few customers who collects every key of his Dizis and Xiaos.

This time I brought in only 5 of his Xiaos - 2 G, 2 F and 1 E:

You can purchase them in our online store.

His Dizis are here.

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