Friday, November 16, 2007

Excessive Inhalation of Rosin Powder (EIRP)

My job has its own occupational hazards. One of it is called excessive inhalation of rosin powder (EIRP). The symptoms are running rose, watery eyes and headache.

Especially serious when setting up Shanghai Dunhuang's Erhus.

Sometimes you don't know whether to thank them or strangle them. Its good that you don't need to rosin new bows on new Erhus, but you see, the amount of rosin the factory puts on the bow is horrendous.

Check this out:

Its a Shanghai Dunhuang Aged Rosewood Zhonghu. Did you see the clouds of rosin powder billowing out from the bow?

The rosin are not only on the resonator, but all over the Erhu neck as well. It took while to clean up their Erhus.

So if next time you see me in my shop with a surgical mask, I don't have any communicable disease. Its EIRP prevention.

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  1. Must have aircleaner and vacuum cleaner in your office too. I think the aircleaner mostly. *haah*