Friday, November 23, 2007

Shanghai Music Fair 2007 Again

Ok, I've been busy with the John Goldie concert lately so I hardly have time to post anything. The concert's just ended and I must say the Erhu blended very well with the rest of the musicians. I'll post some video clips in a while.

But first, here are the rest of the Shanghai Music Fair 2007 photos:

First up a set of Erhu photos with funny headstock, taken from the Dunhuang booth. Don't mind the spotlight in the background.

This is Lu Lin Sheng's booth...

This is Lu Lin Sheng's booth on the second day. Their Erhus sure clear out fast!

This is Man Rui Xing's booth. They make fabulous Erhus, Gaohus and Pipas.

This is the booth of Zhang Zhong. I accidentally caught one of their Erhus on my bag and it fell on the floor and broke its neck. Ouch! I had a very good Erhu by them sold to someone in Louisiana.

Snakeskin for Jinghus....

Jinghus with dragon headstock...

Now this is an oddity from Shanghai Dunhuang Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. It is a newly designed Gehu. I wonder what is going through their minds when designing this.

And this is a 6 string Zhongruan = Guitar. The worse thing is it plays like a cheap guitar.

And this albino Liuqin looks like its missing something... Oh! Where are the pegs?

If you look closely, it uses guitar tuning mechanisms instead.

And what is this for? To be revealed...


  1. It's for the erhu? The side of the qintong where the bow passes? Guessing only, lah.

  2. My dream is to have the means, one day, to make a trip to such a splendid instruments fair and pick a couple of fabulous erhus to bring home. But I don't know where to start. Like, how will I know of such an event, and how do I find my way around?

  3. So did you have to "buy" the erhu that you broke accidentally?