Friday, December 28, 2007

Erhu Strings Again

Ok, I need to apologise to those who have ordered items from my online store in the past week. We are really short handed at the moment because 60% of my collegues went overseas before Christmas. As a result, some of the orders are delayed so do bear with us for the moment.


Back to the topic of strings again. I was talking previously about how Dunhuang Erhu strings has more tension than Mudan Erhu strings. Today I took a micrometer and measured the thickness of both sets of strings. The inner string of both Mudan and Dunhuang strings measured 0.42mm. However, the outer Dunhuang string measured 0.24mm compared to 0.21mm of the Mudan string.

That accounts for the increased tension in the strings. The thicker gauge gives a fuller tone to the instrument, albeit at the expense of playing comfort.

I have just listed the Dunhuang Erhu strings on my online store. They look exactly like Mudan Erhu strings, except for the words.

Besides the newly listed Dunhuang Erhu strings, I also listed the ABing silver and gold Erhu strings that I brought back from the Shanghai fair. It is named silver and gold because the outer string is made of a gold alloy while the inner string is wound with 99.9% pure silver. Honestly I have not tried them before, but strings from ABing are generally not bad.

Interestingly, the inner string measures 0.38mm and the outer string measures 0.21mm in thickness, significantly thinner than Dunhuang and Mudan Erhu strings.

Should be quite easy on the fingers.

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