Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liang Xiao (Part of it)

Finally managed to upload a video clip of decent audio quality of the John Goldie performance. It took me days to upload. It is a clip of Yen Choong playing Liang Xiao with 3 guitars (Jack, Rai and John) as accompaniment during rehearsal time. I switched on the video camera a little late so I did not catch the front part. I think the guitars accompaniment is very refreshing!

Here's the clip:

I'm sorry to inform that I have not managed to put up the Yangqin page on my online store though.


  1. Hmmm...the erhu playing is very nice, but it sounds like the guitars are playing strange chords in their accompaniment. I play this with my son on guitar, but he just plays a transcribed yangqin part, and it works well on guitar.

  2. I too think the guitar accompaniment is not exactly in achord.

  3. Haha, it actually sounds fine during the concert and rehearsals. Listening to something recorded tune and something live gives different experiences.