Friday, December 7, 2007

Hulusi Product Page is Up!

Ok I did it.

I said I'll do up the Hulusi page by Friday and I did it. At times I felt my resolve ebbing away but because put myself on the line by declaring it on my blog I stuck to my task so here it is: The Hulusi product page.

The sound samples was done by Mr Boo of "Fixing Dimo Video" fame. They sounded really good on its own.

Click here for one of the Hulusi sound samples.

There is just 1 slight problem. I don't have a lot of Hulusis left to sell.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Yangqin product page will be up by next Friday or you can call me a liar!

This is how a Yangqin looks like for those new to Chinese Musical Instruments:

By the way, because of the ever depreciating US dollar, we will be revising our prices early next year. So if you are thinking of buying anything from our online store, now is the time to take action!

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