Thursday, September 4, 2008

Woolly Woolly Lamb Felt Damper

I've just listed the felt dampers that I have in my shop for sale on my online store.

It's called the "Woolly Woolly Lamb Felt Damper"! Woohoo!

From our experience felt material works best so we've been using felt ever since lambs started to baaaa on earth.

A piece of damper makes a big difference in the tone of the Erhu. It cuts out a lot of the irritating cackling noise that you produce on a Erhu without a damper.

You fold the damper and insert it under the bridge between the strings and the snakeskin. The ideal thickness is achieved when you do not need to remove the bridge to slide the damper in but at the same time you need to push and pull a bit to get the damper in. (You can view the Erhus in my online store if you have no idea where to put it)

Pushing the damper down towards the base will give you a brighter tone so you can shift it to your preference.

Selling these things are not going to make me rich (unless I sell a million of them) but I thought you might find it useful.

Click here to go to the product page.


My new stocks of instruments and accessories are arriving early next week.

Which means those of you who ordered the 4300 year old Erhu bridge will be getting it really soon!

And I can finally the Fang Fang strings to those whom I have owed for so long.

Some of the new items that I am expecting are:
- A new all black Erhu bow that accordingly is very popular among Erhu professionals in China
- A new version of Fang Fang strings
- The Electric Erhu!
- New Xuzhou Liuqins by Master Liu Wei Zhong
- New Pipas by Master Qiu Ting Yu
- New Erhus by WNZ

More information will be posted soon.

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  1. hey,
    qiu ting yu is the maker of my qin.
    his qins are nice ;DDD

    so thats wat the cloth like thing on the erhu. a DAMPER!