Monday, September 15, 2008

New Arrival of Stocks - update

We have a new type of Fang Fang Erhu strings. It comes in red and white packaging. It is of a similar grade to the usual Fang Fang Erhu strings in blue and white packaging. But the difference is the string gauge is thicker, which means more effort is required of your left fingers.

Fang Fang Blue - Outer String = 0.25mm / Inner String = 0.42mm
Fang Fang Red - Outer String = 0.26mm / Inner String = 0.44mm

(Click on image to go to product page)


New stocks of Dizis (Chinese Bamboo Flute) and Xiaos (Chinese Vertical Flute) from Beijing maker Dong Xue Hua just came in. I ordered a few more pieces of Xiao because they always run out quickly. They come in the key of F and G.

Click here to see how they look.

Click here for their Dizis.


Our Hulusis (a Yunnan minority wind instrument) have also been restocked. They come in Bb and C key - subject to stock availability.

Click here for our Hulusi page


Tomorrow is the date where details of the first ever Online Interactive Erhu Course will be released!

Stay tuned!

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