Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Interesting Erhu Cases

I've been trying to upload some interesting videos eversince I came back but I get errors all the time. I guess the videos will have to wait till I figure them out.

I came across some exhibitors dealing in Erhu cases at the Shanghai music fair. These Erhu cases particularly caught my eye:

They've got lovely skins.

But I'm not too impressed with the interior, which is lined with stiff foam.

The Erhu does not seem to be well protected, especially at the area where the soundbox rests on. It's fixed with a hygrometer. Whether it actually works and for what purpose I do not know.

But I'm particularly impressed with this Erhu case though. The exterior is made of those materials that is used to make Cello hardcases:

The interior is lined with soft and plush cushioning. Rather heavy though.

But too bad, it's only a prototype and not for sale yet.

1 comment:

  1. Those erhu cases (with skin) look cool.

    Ah... but in any case, all would be impractical unless they are effective in keeping erhu snug while at the same time being featherweight.