Monday, October 22, 2007

Longest Chinese Bamboo Flute, Dizi I've ever seen

I saw this very long Dizi in one of the booths in the Shanghai fair.

I'm not sure how long, but it is much taller than an average Chinese man.

You'll need 3 persons to play the flute: 1 to blow the flute, the other 2 to do the fingerings.

The flute has 2 mokong (the hole where you put the dimo) because the vibrations from 1 is not enough.

The flute is in the key of C.

Below is a slightly shorter low D dizi, placed alongside a low G and a low Bb. The low D dizi has 2 mokong as well but can be handled by 1 person alone.


  1. Both our boys were gawking at the dizi photo. *haha*

  2. Wow, those are big. I bet the finger stretches are large as well.

    Best wishes,


  3. Yes. that's why you need 3 to blow the dizi. But I can't imagine them playing fast tunes together.

    I nearly wanted to buy that as a decoration for my shop.