Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Song Rosin (not Song's Rosin)

I've got a good piece of Erhu rosin to recommend.

Now I'm not saying its good because its got my middle name written on it, but I tried it and I like what I hear and feel. The rosin gives a smooth tone and has a good grab without sounding harsh.

I actually heard good things about the rosin sometime back and came across a booth selling the rosin in the Shanghai music fair. So I bought 2 boxes to try out. The maker says the rosin is specially made for the Erhu. They carry other models for violins and cellos as well.

The round rosin costs US$5 and the one in a box costs US$6.

You can purchase them here:
- Professional Rosin by Song
- Professional Rosin by Song (Box)

And by the way, I've put all the bridges in the post "Bridges Over Troubled Snakeskin" for sale as an item on my website.

Here is the link: 9 Assorted Erhu Bridges

Update: This rosin goes onto the bow hair very easily and it is very powdery. Not advisable for people with asthma.


  1. u din buy more to sell here, ah?

  2. Just 2 boxes to try out first. If the feedback is good I'll order more.