Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shanghai Music Fair 2007 Part 1

Well, I brought my laptop with me to Shanghai and lucky thing the hotel has internet connection. So I can write something in case I forget.

The weather in Shanghai is great, with temperatures ranging between 17 - 24 degrees celsius. Here's a picture of where the Shanghai Music fair is held:

Here's something that greeted me the first moment I stepped into the fairgrounds.

A lovely oriental woman in Greek goddess robes playing a see-through Erhu! What a way to start my day.

I wanted to upload a video clip, but with an upload speed of 4kb/s, the 22MB clip will have to wait. It looks like she is just hand-syncing, because I don't see any way the Erhu is mic-up. The other Greek goddess on the mouth Dizi played live though. I'll upload their videos when I get back home, along with a 5 minute clip of a whole gang of lovely oriental women in Greek goddess garb prancing around the stage hand syncing "Tian Ya Ge Nu".

But you're not here to see lovely oriental women(I think), so I took some close up shots of the see-through Erhu that was on display on Shanghai Dunhuang's booth.

Not exactly one of their new products as it was already featured in last year's show. But I thought you might be interested. I'll try it tomorrow to see how it sounds.

So stay tuned! Lots of interesting stuff coming up.....


  1. What a treat, I didn't expect you to post anything until you got back. Looking forward to hearing more about the ghost erhu!

  2. can you please tell me if you know how a guy could purchase one of these??

  3. Ha ha ha... finally electric erhu is in the market. It is not a dream anymore. Remember a few years ago, the first launch of silent violin, cello and silent piano by yamaha, I told my erhu teacher, how I wish one day, someone can invent a similar electric erhu, and finally my wish came true. I wonder how much does it cost? Will it be available in singapore ? The transparent erhu really looks awesome.


  4. I'll let you all know when I get more information.