Monday, January 21, 2008

Alternative Designed Aged Rosewood Erhu

This is the only Erhu that I brought back from the Shanghai Music Fair 2007.

It's quite an oddity actually. Something quite different from the traditionally designed Erhus.

The soundbox is shaped like a trumpet, which gives it better projection and volume. The soundbox is slightly larger than usual. The baseplate is different from Suzhou, Shanghai andBeijing designs as well. None of my belt clips are going to fit this baby.

Its made from a mean looking piece of Aged Rosewood. Those that really feel like an old piece of wood in your hands.

The tone and balance of the instrument is quite wonderful actually. The tone is clean, clear, warm and has a certain degree of richness. Does not sound as sweet as Wan Qi Xing or Lu Lin Sheng Erhus, but definitely louder than them. High notes ring out clearly as well.

Here is a sample:

The only thing I think it can do without is the "all seeing eye" headstock. But I usually look at the tone and feel of the instrument more than anything.

I'm just glad the eye is not those where the pupil is a movable bead inside the eye...

Interested parties please email me at or have a go at it at our showroom.


  1. Wow, even on that little video clip, it really sounds nice. If only I were rich...

  2. Well, it costs slightly above US$1000. But Erhus are only going to get more expensive, mainly due to increased demand in China and dwindling raw materials.

  3. Next time don't switch songs, can? Not so distracting. ;-) Ah well, hopefully erhus don't get too expensive by the time I decide to buy one for the boy. *hehe*.

  4. I am a student in an education technology class at Purdue University. We were asked to create a blog that we could use in the classroom, I decided to do mine on the differences of Chinese, Spanish, and African music. I was browsing your blog today for an assignment.

    You have an excellent blog. I learned so much by reading through your posts and watching the videos you have on youtube. Your information on the different instrumnets was very informative and impressive. I really enjoyed your post on organizing the music classroom. My goal for my blog is to try and educate people on this information as much as possible, going through your information taught me so much, and I hope that I can use the information I have learned from your blog in my class. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for reading, anonymous from Purdue University.

    It does means a lot to me when people appreciate what I do.

  6. love it

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