Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Space Management of Chinese Orchestra Room

Besides selling music instruments, helping schools to set up Chinese Orchestra, repairs and restoration of instruments, arranging music performances, arranging music classes, we also help schools look at how to better manage their space in their Chinese Orchestra room.

Below is a Chinese Orchestra Room of a school located in the north of Singapore. The instruments are strewn all over the floor because there is no proper storage system. It looks rather messy and instruments get damaged when they are accidentally kicked.

So we came in to take stock of their environment and instruments, and gave them suggestions on the layout, fixtures needed and exactly where the instruments should be placed.

This is how the Chinese Orchestra room looks after our suggestions were implemented.

Now you can do a gymnastics floor routine.


  1. Wah, so nice, ah? Must be a secondary school. If primary - how are the small kids going to reach so high to get that HUGE-looking instrument from the top shelves! ;-) And they may well be dropped on the way down with arms that don't quite have enough strength or control yet.

  2. Yes it is a secondary. The chairman of the committee is even bigger and taller than me.