Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Stocks of Hulusi and Dimo's Alter Ego

Our new stocks of Hulusis are here. Mr BCK had a go at the Black Sandalwood model again.

If anyone would like to learn how to play the Dizi, Suona or Hulusi with Mr BCK, please contact me at


I'm sure you know I've posted some videos on youtube. One of them was on how to fix the dimo onto the dizi.

If you are familiar with youtube, they allow you to link youtube videos to your website. And if you are the owner of the video, you can see who has linked your video to their website and the number of clicks the link received.

So I was looking at the links to this video and the link with the most number of hits is an Israeli blog.

I was Israelis are quite interested in Chinese Bamboo flutes. I clicked on the link and it brought me to this blog with the title "Disease of the Living Dead".

The website is mostly written in Hebrew. I was looking for clues as to how my innocent Dimo is related to the Living Dead.

So I browsed through the pictures to find something to link to my Dimo. Body piercings...nope.....gravity defying rainbow colored hair....nope....graffiti.....nope.....leather and chains......nope.....gothic makeup......nope......earring hole big enough to put a G key bamboo flute through it...maybe.

Let's look at his choice of music,,, Metalcore,,, G.B.M...unless it stands for G key Bamboo Flute Music.

Oh wait. The writer of the blog is called Dimo!

But it still does not explains why my Dimo pasting video was linked to his blog but I decided to stop browsing anyway.

I wouldn't have any clue what's written about it even if I find it.

Click here for the website if you are curious what it looks like.

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