Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nothing In Particular...

Ok, I've finished posting his products on my online store. Head over to the new products page to take a look at them (the first five products).

If you are thinking of buying different strings to try out on your Erhu, take note that the strings need some time to run in. Give it at least a week before you conclude that your old strings are better.


I just realized that the audio from the videos taken by my Canon digital camera is very bad. I recorded something using my Canon digital camera and a Fujifilm digital camera and the sound quality of Fujifilm turned out much better. The clip taken by Canon actually sounds very harsh, noisy and slightly sharp! Drat. All my product videos were taken by the Canon.

So when you view the product clips please imagine them sounding 50% nicer.


By the way, I am going to a music fair in Beijing end of May. Let me know if you are looking for anything special.

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