Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Erhu Maestro Wang Guo Tong's products

Today we received a package of new items that we ordered from Erhu Maestro Wang Guo Tong. Wang Guo Tong happens to be one of the most famous Erhu masters in China. He's done countless recordings, performed countless solos and written countless Erhu books and VCDs.

So before I start my tedious task of listing them on my website, here is a brief overview of the items:

1) A book of music scores with hundred over practise passages and really simple tunes for beginners. The best thing is the accompanying 2 CDs that has recordings of all the approximately 150 simple tunes in the book.


2) Volume 2 of 1) with hundred over practise passages and simple tunes for beginners (notice the omission of the word 'really' to differentiate the level of difficulty between volume 1 and 2.) The not so good thing is that it does not have any accompanying CD.


3) A book of Guangdong Erhu/Gaohu tunes compiled by Wang Guo Tong with his own fingerings.


4) Second edition of Liu Tian Hua Compositions in Music Notation + Music CD.
This book has Liu Tian Hua compositions in music notation format + a music CD with recordings by Wang Guo Tong and Liu Tian Hua himself. I'm not sure what changes are there in the second edition, but paper quality's lower that's for sure.

5) 2 types of Beijing Erhu strings endorsed by Wang Guo Tong. One of them is the standard type and the other is a silver wound.



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