Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dimo Applicator and Clip on Tuner/ Metronome

The new stocks of dimo applicator is from a different manufacturer. According to some customers who've used it before, the construction still feels flimsy, but at least the dimo jiao stays on the stick instead of wanting to fall off like the previous design.

Design not much to shout about. I've reduced the price to US$4.99 for a pair.

Click here to purchase the Dimo applicator.


We have another new digital device to keep your instruments in tune and your rhythm in check.

It's a clip on digital chromatic tuner + metronome.

We think it looks great and works well.

It says 3 in 1 but we're still trying to find out what is the 3rd... We're quite sure it doesn't have the tone generator.

Click here to purchase the device.


I have queries from some potential customers about whether they can buy things from my online store if they do not have a paypal account. Well, as long as you have a credit card you can purchase items from my online store.

Look for this message after you checkout and click on the Continue link.